Thursday, January 22, 2009

How you would like to be your Mysore City ?

How you would like to be your Mysore City ?


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  2. I would like to draw the attention of the authorities to the messed up area near the Central bus stand.

    encroachment on either side of the road in front of the bus stand is a big nuisance.The footpath is pretty wide,no complaints on that.What made me restless is the space occupied by the footpath vendors; I could also see some concrete permanent foundations built by the encroacher.I have heard demolition drives on large scale in Hubli and Gulbarga but never seen such a drive yet in Mysore city.
    The vegetable vendors just don't bother to collect the organic scarp left over.They leave it there to rot and horrible smell starts to emanate;and adding to the woes the cows start playing around.
    The other side of the road is used by the private vehicles to park..and leaving no space for the pedestrians to use the footpath.....unfortunately the footpath on the other side of the road is used for the pre-paid auto services.Such a busy area...and pedestrians walk on the road putting their lives in danger.

    A serious demolition drive is needed to reclaim land from the encroachments.
    If possible accommodate the vendors in the Devraja market or near MG road behind exhibition grounds.
    Good footpaths on either side with dustbins locate at appropriate locations.

    Finally,an asphalted quality road. Which is free from dirt/organic wastes/dust.

  3. Mysore itself is a great city, but to maintain a goodwill v need to improve a lot, still all the works going on like a old way which is not all good, roads will get damage within a year or so, instead of pooling money for traditional way of roads why can't we do roads like USA or any foreign
    countries, by doing this the cost which will use
    again n again for repairing can be saved, n it is
    one time investments n by this Mysore beauty
    also will be more,
    so respected department please think over it...